Come & Meet Me

Say Hello

If you are thinking about any of the following:

  • a paediatrician to attend your delivery or caesarean section
  • getting your newborn baby checks (every baby needs these)
  • care in the first year of life
  • paediatric care for your child

why not come and say hello? It’s completely free and the very best way to see if I am the kind of paediatrician you’d like to provide care for your baby or child.



We can obviously discuss care needs in general at our ‘hello’ session but it is not intended for an actual assessment or medical consultation for your child, as this would require registration and insurance coverage.


Antenatal Appointments

Whilst you are going progressing through pregnancy, you’ll also want to be thinking about your paediatrician for:

  • attending delivery (if necessary) or caesarian (always necessary on Cayman)
  • conducting newborn baby checks
  • first year of life care
  • ongoing paediatric care

I am delighted to offer FREE antenatal appointments or meetings so we can discuss the above and so that I can answer any of your baby-related questions (as opposed to the obstetric ones). Please get in touch using the form below and I’ll be delighted to arrange to meet you at this exciting time.

I work with ALL of the island’s obstetricians. You don’t have to be registered with any practice or doctor specifically.