Main Clinic Times

I try to keep to the following set of times. However, as a neonatologist too, sometimes my times have to be amended due to deliveries and urgent hospital patients. You can request an appointment on any of these days.

Monday to Friday:

0900 – 1300 Morning Clinic
(last morning appointment is 1230)

1400 – 1700 Afternoon Clinic
(last afternoon appointment is 1630)

Alternate Saturdays:

0900 – 1300
(last clinic appointment is 1230)

Walk-in Availability

There is frequently availability to see me if you just turn up and I am always delighted to do my best to accommodate. Obviously booked appointments are seen at their booked time and so walk-in patients might need to be a teeny bit patient.

The beauty of Grand Pavilion is that you can always walk in, see me if I am available, or, if not, make an appointment and nip to Fosters or Camana Bay, both just a couple of minutes away.

Well-child, Developmental Checks & Immunizations

There are certain types of appointment that we have to prepare for too. Consequently, we ask that you schedule all well-child appointments, developmental checks and immunizations in advance so that we can give you and your child the best possible service and make sure we have everything you need ready for when you turn up e.g. the immunization itself!

Some days are better for these scheduled appointments. The following are the very best days to have the greatest choice of times:

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday

Out-of-hours Access

I live permanently on island and only 15 minutes from the clinic. Whilst on island, I am permanently on call for deliveries and neonatal patients, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

However, I am generally available for urgent matters, by phone (345) 326 7827, at all times and I know this is something my parents really value, especially new parents when everything seems a bit scary when it happens for the first time.

Requesting an Appointment

Utilise the form below to book your appointment or simply just call us. For appointments, or to confirm I am available, please contact (345) 745 7450 and reception will happily book you in.

You can text me personally to (345) 326 7827 but I may not be able to respond immediately if I am with patients & parents.

Appointment Booking Form